Lovely tissue paper flowers

I must be on a tissue paper jag because here’s another craft that is done with tissue paper.  This is one of the simplest and most satisfying crafts I’ve found yet.  My six year old granddaughter could do it easily.  My four year old granddaughter needed only a little assistance.


I used a 2 inch paper punch but later discovered I could easily cut out similar shapes free hand.


Punch or cut 12 shapes.  The free hand shapes I cut were not intricate like these in the picture.  Just simple flower shapes will do fine.


Stack your twelve shapes and punch a hole through the middle.  I used a paper clip.  Then press a brass paper brad through to hold all the pieces together.


Once all pieces are secure, begin by pulling up the top piece and scrunch it up like the example above left.  Do this with each piece until all pieces have been scrunched. When finished, it will look similar to the one above right.  Squelch the urge to grab all pieces into one ball to scrunch.  Scrunching individual pieces will make for a much prettier flower.

Now that all pieces are scrunched, begin to gently pull the layers apart just a bit until the flower looks the way you like.  See how easy?


We even attached one flower to Greta’s barrette to make a lovely hair piece.  The white rose in my hand above was made using regular printer paper.  This is the rose I cut free hand.

Tissue Paper Collage



This activity is great for young children.  Greta and Elsa easily completed the activity.  Their two year old sister also made a collage with just a little assistance.

ImageThe trick is to use contact paper.  Cut an 8X12 piece of clear contact paper, peel the backing away and place the sticky part face up.  Children choose from a variety of pieces of precut (by you) tissue paper and arrange them on the paper.  I like to leave a 1 inch border around the outside of the paper so I can apply a second piece of contact paper to seal the artwork.

 Image      Hang the collage on a window so the sun can shine through.  Beautiful!

Rock Painting Page 2

Rock Painting Page 2



Rock Painting Printable Materials list with instructions:  (copy and paste into your word processing program)

Gesso or flat white acrylic paint/ Orange acrylic paint/ White acrylic paint/ Yellow paint for eyes/ Black felt marker (pointed tip but not fine tip)/ Water based acrylic/ Paint brush

1. Paint gesso on top portion of rock and let dry

2. Repeat on bottom of rock.

(Gesso allows paint to adhere better)

3. Paint orange stripes and let dry.

(Be sure to include fin)

4. Paint white stripes and let dry.

5. Paint on yellow eyes and let dry

6. Add black pupil to eye using felt tip marker

7. Add tiny white dot to center of pupil

8.  Use felt tip marker to trace around eyes and stripes. Then allow to dry thoroughly (approximately an hour)

9.  Paint top portion of fish lightly with polycrylic and allow to dry.

10. Repeat with bottom of fish.

image copy 2 image copy image

Paper Bag Pup

Paper Bag Pup

Printer friendly instructions below.  Just copy and paste into your word processing program


Brown sticky felt, regular felt, or construction paper for ears

Two googly eyes

White sticky felt, felt, or white construction paper for nose

Black scrap felt or construction paper for nose

Red scrap felt or construction paper for tongue

Brown lunch sack

Elmer’s glue or glue stick

Begin by folding down the corners (see pic above)

Add eyes, nose, tongue, and ears (pics above will help

)paper bag pup traceables